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Precision Vectors provides strategic, time sensitive information to our clients who need beyond the line of sight services.

We operate long range unmanned aerial systems under Transport Canada flight rules for flying beyond the visual line of sight. Our clients benefit from the high quality information generated by the sophisticated sensors on board, collecting data at the slower speed and lower altitudes permitted by unmanned systems.

We operate sophisticated unmanned aircraft systems, which carry leading edge sensors, communicates in real time to the ground station and covers large areas at lower cost than the competition.



Information when you need it.
Information when you need it.


Aerial Mapping and Imagery

We provide extraordinary photo imagery, ideal for inspecting Rights of Way or any other terrain asssessment. Using a 42 megapixel camera with every pixel geo-tagged, the image above demonstrates the incredible detail with the blue arrows referencing the same location.

The GIS data file provides a permanent record with multiple applications.

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Alberta farmland

Precision Agriculture

Ideally suited to farms with over 2,000 acres in crops. Provides NDVI, NDRE, SAVI and ARVI images with resolution to 2.5 cm GSD – you can see the canola flower. There is real time imaging and on-site data processing for same day results. At 2.5cm GSD we can map 500 acres per hour or 2,500 acres per single flight. At 6 cm GSD we can map 3,500 acres per hour or 17,500 per single flight.

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gas leak image r2

Gas leak detection

Detect a methane gas cloud as small as 0.5 m by 0.5 m over a pipeline with an automatic operator alert to signal detection and colour rendering of the leak. We ensure detection and location in real time at lower cost.

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Okanagan fire

Wildfire Management

Assess small fires in the forest following lightning strikes, assess the forest condition around the fire and improve resource deployment. During a fully engaged wild fire, see what is happening on the ground with SWIR through the smoke to the ground below. Cost effective, reliable and in real time.


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Our product is Information

We go to extraordinary lengths to create the highest quality information for our clients, faster and at lower cost than the alternatives.

Our commitment is to outstanding service

We possess a laser focus on exceeding expectations. Our mission is to deliver more than we promise and to ensure our clients are totally satisfied.

Our operating standards speak to safety and security

In the air and on the ground, we think and act safely. Our procedures, training and leadership have a foundation of safety consciousness that transcends everything we do.

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Expertise across industries

The wide range of sensors available allows us to service many industries. Our Advisory Team Members each have over twenty-five years of experience in their respective industry. In this manner, we have expertise in pipelines, gas transmission, agriculture, wild fire fighting and Transport Canada – ATC.

Solutions custom tailored to your requirements

We customize a solution to fit your needs. The more we understand what information you need, the better we can tailor the solution to generate the best possible results.

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The technology we use is transformative

Imagine seeing a canola flower from a thousand feet away. Imagine a system that automatically detects a natural gas leak and alerts the operator. Imagine seeing through the smoke to the ground below in a wild fire. Call us to discuss how we may help you.

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