Our Story

Our Commitment

We commit to providing our clients with the best information possible, faster and more efficiently than any other supplier. By integrating and controlling the entire sequence from data collection to analysis and reporting, we invest in the best possible sensors for the task, deploy the most efficient aerial collection vehicles and optimize the data analysis to provide the highest quality results for our clients at the least cost.

What We Do?

Superior Results with Leading Technology

Precision Vectors utilizes a new layer of technology in aerial data collection to provide our clients with high quality imagery for superior results.

For agriculture we collect crop health data at the level of precision you want and provide it in the form you require. At 5 cm GSD we collect data at 3,000 acres per hour and at 30 cm GSD we are collecting data at 50,000 acres per hour.

For Wildfire Management we provide auto-detection of fire and hot spot locations, with real time mapping of the fire. This is a new tool in the wildfire fighting arsenal which can be used to improve resource management and reduce the cost of fighting wildfires.

For pipeline utility companies we provide detailed imagery of the pipeline, collected at 100 mph, 3,000 feet over the pipeline, which creates a digital record of the pipeline and enables detailed inspection of the ROW, precise topographic mapping, volumetric calculations and vegetation assessment.

Our data processing is completed in-house which permits customised solutions and historical data retention and access for our clients.

Why Us?

Our product is Information

We go to extraordinary lengths to create the highest quality information for our clients, faster and at lower cost than the alternatives.

Our commitment is to outstanding service

We possess a laser focus on exceeding expectations. Our mission is to deliver more than we promise and to ensure our clients are totally satisfied.

Our operating standards speak to safety and security

In the air and on the ground, we think and act safely. Our procedures, training and leadership have a foundation of safety consciousness that transcends everything we do.

Expertise across industries

 Our Advisory Team Members each have over twenty-five years of experience in their respective industry. In this manner, we have expertise in pipelines, gas transmission, agriculture, wild fire fighting and Transport Canada – ATC.

Solutions custom tailored to your requirements

We customize a solution to fit your needs. The more we understand what information you need, the better we can tailor the solution to generate the best possible results.

The technology we use is transformative

Call to discuss how we can help. We value clients’ input and suggestions as they help us serve you better.

Meet the Team & Advisors

Lorne Borgal

Lorne Borgal


Throughout his career, Lorne has used information technology to help others make better decisions and he has created and led businesses renowned for extraordinary client service. In one of the earliest applications of computer technology and farming, Lorne was a leader in the deployment of farm accounting and planning systems for CANFARM. He was the business leader for a midmarket accounting software firm in Canada and Europe which was sold to Microsoft and became the basis for their dynamics product line.

Lorne got his start in agriculture working on the Pridalta Stock Farm, Priddis Alberta, completed his B.Sc. (Hon Ag) and practiced as a Professional Agrologist, following which he earned his MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Lorne honed his understanding and commitment to client service as President and CEO of various resort companies including the transformation of Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation into a world class destination. It is the integration of all aspects of a business with a total commitment to the client which is critical to success and underpins the vision for Precision Vectors.

Howie Burke

Howie Burke

Chief Pilot

Flying has been a vital part of Howie’s life since joining Air Cadets while he was in high school in BC. With over 3,500 hours as a pilot, Howie has held his Airline Transport Rating since 1982. He holds endorsements for floats, night, instrument, multi-engine and instructor. With over 35 years of flying experience, Howie brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Chief Pilot.

Bob Holtby

Bob Holtby

Chief Agrologist

Bob earned Masters of Science degrees in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management from the University of British Columbia following which he has practiced as a Professional Agrologist for his entire career. Following years of experience as a Training Officer with Agriculture Canada and as a District Agrologist for the BC Department of Agriculture, Bob formed his own consulting practice specializing in professional agriculture.

Bob qualified as an expert in farming practices before the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the Federal Tax Court. He has completed numerous assessments and reports across the broad spectrum of agricultural issues and land use management. Bob also served as a sessional instructor for the University of Northern British Columbia and Okanagan College.

Bob has a deep interest in the evolution of farming practices and a life long interest in providing better information for improved decision making on Canadian farms.

Nancy Treiber

Nancy Treiber

Director Client Services

Nancy has over twenty-five years of experience meeting and exceeding client expectations in complex and dynamic roles. From the front lines in service oriented businesses to over a decade as General Manager, Nancy has set the standard for client service, promotion and marketing in a wide variety of businesses.

Having earned her BA and completed graduate work in psychology, Nancy has worked as a radio personality, owned her own business, worked at Stanford University and taught leadership and management as a professor with Georgian College in Ontario.

Nancy has been involved with Precision Vectors from day 1 and is dedicated to ensuring we always meet or exceed our client expectations.

Amir Iliya Sedghi

Amir Iliya Sedghi

Director Data Analytics

Amir obtained his bachelor of Business Administration, International Business from Capilano University and University of British Columbia. He speaks Farsi, English, French, Spanish and is pursing fluency in German. He is an avid technology enthusiast with experience working with entrepreneurs in agriculture, hospitality, real estate & technology.

Data collection and its analysis is Amir’s focus and strength at Precision Vectors. His duties as payload specialist and working alongside the pilot to gather quality data for maps has given him a valuable perspective as a team member. He works regularly alongside the data analysis team to ensure each customised aerial mapping product meets the standards and expectations of clients.

For further information, call Nancy Treiber at 778.908.2203 or email nancy.treiber@precisionvectors.com